Lillypads on a Lake Stock Image

I have spent a lot of time hiking in the high Uintas in eastern Utah.

The wilderness there is raw and wild.  I have seen deer, antelope, moose, elk and other wildlife and have caught and eaten many fish from the thousands of Lakes that are all over the area.

The times that I have hiked there, I always try to bring my camera.  The sunsets are spectacular, the lakes are beautiful and the flowers and vegetation are amazing!

In the spring and early summer, there are a ton of Lakes that have Lillypads growing in the water.  These lillypads provide shelter and a food source for the insects, tadpoles, fish and frogs that live in the area.  At times the mosquitos are so bad that you can’t even breathe without sucking in a few mosquitoes.  During those times, it is better to just sit in your tent rather than try to exist outdoors.

Stock image of Lillypads on a Lake in the High Uintas

Summer Lillypads growing in the high Uintas Stock Image

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December 29, 2014

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