Phoenix Arizona Downtown Skyline

phoenix arizona skyline stock photograph

Whenever I travel, I always take my camera. One of my favorite things to shoot is Skyline images of the major cities I visit.

When I had a business trip scheduled in Arizona, I brought my camera and scheduled some time one afternoon to get out and shoot the Phoenix Arizona skyline.

Phoenix was actually pretty hard to get a good downtown skyline image. I drove around for a couple of hours trying to find a good place to shoot. Most cities have a natural location where you can see the skyline without any problems. ¬†However, in Phoenix, there aren’t many obvious locations where you can see the city and downtown skyline because it is so dang flat.

I am sure the locals could point me to lots of locations, but it wasn’t obvious for a visitor like me.

Phoenix Arizona Downtown Skyline Picture:

phoenix arizona skyline stock photograph

The Phoenix Arizona downtown skyline stock photograph shows the skyscrapers of downtown Phoenix, Arizona with palm trees dotting the foreground on the afternoon of a hot summer day.  Download this image from the following stock agencies:

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