Boston Skyline at Night Stock Photograph

Boston Skyline at Night

I traveled to Boston for a business meeting and had to fly in a day early because my meeting started first thing in the morning.  It was FREEZING when I got in.  It was raining/snowing and the wind was blowing freezing rain off of the river.  I drove around looking for the right place to shoot and finally found the viewpoint that I wanted.  I tried to setup my tripod and shoot, but the wind was blowing rain into my lens and gusting so strong that it would move my tripod around unless I was holding it steady.

I finally gave up and went to get some dinner and to thaw out and dry off.  After dinner, I decided to try again before giving up.  It was still raining and snowing and the wind was gusting like crazy.  I parked and grabbed my tripod and walked to where I wanted to shoot.  As I was setting up my equipment, the wind died down.  It was a miracle.  It was freezing, but at least the wind wasn’t blowing the rain sideways into my lens.

I grabbed several quick long exposures (30 seconds), and sure enough, the rain started up again.  Apparently that 5 minute window was the calm before the storm because it really started to come down.  It was wasn’t rain, it was sleet – more like bucketfuls of of slush.  I grabbed my stuff and ran back to the car.  This image was one of the photos that I got in that 5 minute window where the wind died down.  I had to work for this image of the Boston Skyline at Night…enjoy!

Boston Skyline at Night picture

Boston Skyline at Night

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