La Jolla Beach Surfer at Sunset

La Jolla Beach, California is a popular destination for visitors and sunbathers every year.  The waves can also be good (depending on the day) for surfers to enjoy a good run.  The pier on La Jolla Beach is a popular location on the beach to walk out over the ocean and enjoy the views.  Finally, the sunsets on La Jolla beach are amazing with the pier, the clouds and colors of the sky.

When I travel, I typically try to get out and enjoy the landmarks and try to shoot something to add to my stock portfolio.  One trip to California resulted in a visit to La Jolla Beach to capture a gorgeous sunset and a silhouette of a surfer calling it a day close to the pier on La Jolla Beach.

LaJolla Beach Sunset with a silhouette of a surfer calling it a day

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December 28, 2014

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