Home Structural Damage Stock Images

Stock photograph of a home with structural damage caused by shifting earth under the foundation.  This shift caused major structural damage to the walls, floors, windows, and exterior of this beautiful home.

Images available of homes with structural damage:

Picture of a home with cracking and buckling stucco on the exterior of the home caused by the earth shifting under the foundation.

Home Structural Damage Stock Image

This stock photograph of home structural damage is available at the following Stock Agencies:

Stock photograph of the damage caused by ground  shifting under the steps

Image of the front stairs of a luxury home pulling away from the homes foundation due to shifting dirt underneath the stairs.  Image shows the stairs with a gap between the foundation of the house and the stairs.  In the corner of the image, it shows the cracking and buckling of the concrete sidewalk caused from the sinking foundation.  Stock image available from:



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