Boston Temple at Night

boston Massachusetts temple at night

Boston Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located in a suburb of Boston, Massachussets called Belmont.  This temple was the 100th operating temple for the Church (commonly called the Mormon Church).

The temple is located on a hill on top of a granite crag that supports the foundation of the temple is is located just off the Concorde Turnpike and is an impressive landmark along that busy thoroughfare.

The Boston Temple is made of Olympia White granite and is just under 70,000 square feet in size.  It was announced in 1995 and was dedicated in the year 2000 and fulfilled President Gordon B Hinkley’s desire to have 100 operating temples by the year 2000.

During the building of the church, the neighbors of the Boston Temple twice sued the Church over the building of the temple.  The first lawsuit challenged the size of the temple, the second lawsuit challenged the height of the steeple.  Both lawsuits were ruled in favor of the Church, although the 2nd lawsuit was won on appeal.  The steeple of the Boston Temple was added after the lawsuit was complete, about a year after the building had been dedicated.

Picture of the Boston Temple


This picture of the Boston Temple at night is a dramatic capture because of the storm clouds gathered in the background behind the temple.  This stock image is available from the following agencies:

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