Periodically, I google myself.  I know, it sounds kind of kinky :-).

I love to see how my stock images are being used by designers in the advertising industry.

As I googled myself, I found a link where one of my stock photographs was being used in a book from the Library of Sexual Health called Amenorrhea: Why Your Period Stops.  It really got me wondering which picture was used because I don’t shoot the types of images that would show up in a book from the Library of Sexual Health.  Especially one on Women’s Periods.

Amenorrhea: Why Your Period Stops

Amenorrhea, Why Your Period Stops

I searched and searched and could not figure out which image would have been included.  It was really bugging me.  So I googled again to find libraries that had a copy of the book.  I found two libraries that carried it (both in California).  I called both libraries and asked the librarian if she would pull the book to see if she could tell me which picture.  In both libraries, the book was checked out.  Apparently amenorrhea is more common than one would think.

I finally called the publisher and left a message.  Someone from the publisher eventually called me back (after a couple of days).  I explained who I was and why I was calling.  The lady at the publisher was very nice and promised me that she would go back into the warehouse, pull a copy of the book and fax me a copy of the image that was used.  A couple of days later, I got a fax that contained a picture of this image:

It was in the chapter at the end about Wellness activities and healthy living.  Finally, this made sense to me and I could stop doing detective work.  It is cool being published, even in a book from the Library of Sexual Health on Amenorrhea – Why your Period Stops.

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