I just downloaded and installed the DeepMeta Mac OSX iStockphoto Management Tool.  This tool was referenced in the iStockphoto iStock Tools/Apps forum and is available from http://www.deepmeta.com/.  There is a Windows version available for the Microsoft users out there.

deepmeta stock photography

After I first downloaded the tool, it took me a minute to figure out how to get it to work, but I have really enjoyed using it over the last several hours.  I entered all of my istockphoto login information into the preference window and then was able to download all of my istockphoto images, including download information, last download date, ratings, and comments.

I found when looking at the list, that there were several files with problems. The filenames and information all showed up in red. These files had issues with copyright information not being present and files that were not categorized at all (I don’t know how that happened). I was able to fix those issues and quickly synchronize the changes to my iStockphoto account.

I was also able to update the UBB formatting on several of the images to show other related pictures and find several problems where the UBB was incorrect causing errors to show up on the pages.

I spent a couple of hours in the tool and I believe it was tremendously beneficial to my portfolio.

Now I need to check the model release section and the file upload process. I will update this post with my thoughts on the upload and release management process.

How has your experience been with DeepMeta?  Leave your input in the comments below.

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