Sinwell Tower of Nuremberg Castle

The Sinwell Tower is part of the castle in the old town of Nuremberg Germany.  The Sinwell tower was built in the 13th century and is named after its cylindrical form (Sinwell in Middle High German is translated “extremely round”).  The Sinwell tower served as a defense structure providing a lookout point where attackers of the castle could be detected early.  The Sinwell Tower was one of the few castle buildings to survive the bombing of Nuremberg in World War 2.  The tower is one of the highlights of the Nuremberg Castle tour as you can see the whole Old Town of Nuremberg from the top platform.

Sinwell Tower of the Nuremberg Castle Image:


This photograph of the Sinwell Tower within the Nuremberg Castle features the tower against a wispy cloudy sky and a tree in the foreground.  The image is available from the following Stock agencies:

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