Orlando Temple Photographs

Orlando Temple at dusk

Orlando Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Florida.  Temples are the most sacred buildings in the church.  Members of the church attend the temple in order to receive instruction, perform ordinances, and to receive spiritual guidance.

Temples are beautiful and well maintained.  They typically have manicured grounds and gardens and are peaceful places to visit.

There are over 150 temples around the world for members of the LDS (Mormon) church to enjoy.  There are two temples in the State of Florida, the Orlando Temple and the Fort Lauderdale Temple.

The Orlando Temple was the 46th temple built by the church and it is actually located in Windermere, Florida, just outside of Orlando.

Pictures available of the Orlando Temple:


This beautiful image of the Orlando Temple was shot at dusk, just as the lights shining on the temple came on.  The sky is clear and the temple is clearly visible against the sky.  There are trees in the foreground of the temple.  This picture of the Orlando Temple is available from the following stock agencies:


This image of the Orlando Temple at night image was shot on a tripod and captures the dark blue of the night sky just before the sky turned black.  This image of the Orlando Temple is available from the following stock agencies:

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