Hiker Image in Zion National Park

Hiker with backpack

Zion National Park is a treasure waiting to be found!  So many people just come for the one day tour and drive from one popular location to the next within the park.  They unload their kids from the car, take the selfie family picture in front of the famous landmark and move on to the next one.  The next day, they drive to Arches or Bryce Canyon and then move on to the Grand Canyon.

However, the real beauty of Zion National Park can only by captured as a hiker through the more remote portions of the park. There are so many trails available in Zion National Park.  The park is beautiful and there are so many places to visit and discover as you get acquainted with the area.  As you hike along the more remote regions of the park, the other hikers are few and far between.  You are able to experience the solitude of nature and witness the gems that Mother Nature reveals to those that are willing to spend the time to uncover.

Image of an anonymous hiker:


This image of an anonymous hiker represents

  • solitude
  • getting in touch with your inner self
  • self evaluation
  • witnessing nature
  • self reliance

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January 14, 2015

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