Grandmother spending time with Grandkids

Pictures of a Grandmother spending time with her grandchildren.  The Grandma is in her 60s with grey short hair.  She is wearing a tan shirt with dark pants.  There are two pictures available.

Grandmother with her grandkids:


Picture of a Grandmother sitting in the park with her grandson.  Her grandson is sitting in her lap dressed in overalls and a plaid red shirt.  There is a gazebo in the background along with some trees.  This image has model releases available for both the grandmother and grandson and is available from the following stock agencies:


Picture of a grandmother standing on a bridge talking to her pre-teen granddaughter.  The bridge is rusty and the granddaughter has climbed up one of the railings of the bridge that makes her the same height as her grandma.  They are talking to each other and smiling on the bridge.  This image has model releases for both the grandmother and granddaughter and is available from the following stock agency:

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